The Neutral Zone is the Imagine Center’s platform for alternative voices from the South Caucasus and the entire post-Soviet area, Turkey, and elsewhere in the world. It publishes on social and cultural issues with a focus on conflict, society, and sensitive issues such as discrimination, taboo topics, the rights of women, minorities, and more. The idea of The Neutral Zone was developed during one of the Imagine Dialogue Programs held in June, 2010 in Gudauri, Georgia.

We hope you enjoy reading our platform and we look forward to your comments and contributions if you are interested in participating in the discussion or writing for The Neutral Zone.

Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation

The Neutral Zone is one of the online platforms of the Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation..

The Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation (the Imagine Center) is an independent, non-political organization that is dedicated to positively transforming relations and laying foundations for lasting and sustainable peace in conflict-torn societies.


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Caucasus Edition – Journal of Conflict Transformation

The Caucasus Edition is the Imagine Center's Journal of Conflict Transformation.

The Caucasus Edition is an independent online publication that serves as a forum for scholars, practitioners, journalists, policy analysts and novice researchers to analyze as well as discuss conflicts and related issues in the South Caucasus and Turkey. The purpose of the Journal is to contribute to sustainable peace in the region by developing and expanding the scholarship on the subject and encouraging diverse perspectives and analysis.

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Neutral Zone Radio

Most recently we have also launched the Neutral Zone Radio!

The Neutral Zone Radio was founded by three ladies-practitioners in the field of Conflict Resolution from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. They host weekly talk shows and play good music 24/7. They are based each in their respective country, using the virtual magic created by Sourcefabric called Airtime.Pro that allows to share the same airspace without being in the same studio. Follow us for music shows 24/7 and talk shows every Tuesday and Thursday at 20:00 Caucasus time (GMT+4).

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