Reflections on National Identity

By Maria Karapetyan

From times immemorial, human beings have sought to bond with others on the basis of kinship and develop a sense of belonging. The sense of belonging is an inherent and valid need in all humans. As a result, over millennia, a hierarchy of identities has developed. The range starts with personal identity […]

Interview with the president of Public Information and Need of Knowledge NGO (PINK Armenia) Mamikon Hovsepyan

By Phil Gamaghelyan

– Dear Mamikon, what is the overall situation with the LGBT community in Armenia today? What are the key challenges of the community?

People in Armenia still live with taboos and stereotypes and in many cases they mix tradition, religion, customs, habits and reality. In the past LGBT people were hiding because […]

Interview with the head of the NGO “Gender and Progress” Elhan Bagirov

By Arzu Geybullayeva

– Could you please introduce your organization ?

Our organization «Gender and Progress» deals with gender equality issues, informs LGBT community on events taking place in and outside of the country, provides legal aid, socio- psychological and medical assistance to the beneficiaries, as welll as develops its women’s program.

– What is […]