Shall we dance this dance of life

By Armine Babajanyan

-Now please, let’s dance!

-But everyone will be staring!

-Why would you care? They don’t know you…

-If they don’t know me, I probably don’t know them.

-C’mon, this is just a dance….Why would anyone care about others watching them dance? Is it because you don’t know who is watching you? What […]

I have a friend (Video)

This video was prepared during the 2011 Imagine Dialogue retreat that took place in Bakuriani, Georgia. The idea came during the brainstorming session on future cross- border projects. It is the result of hard work of many Imagine 2011 alumni.

Eurovision: Will you visit?

by Gulara Azimzade

I do not want the peace which passeth understanding, I want the understanding which bringeth peace…

Helen Keller

Held in Germany, this year’s Eurovision Song Contest saw Azerbaijan come first despite bookmakers’ predictions that France or United Kingdom will […]