We Need You

This video was prepared during the seventh Imagine Armenian-Azerbaijani Dialogue and Retreat Program held in Georgia. The Imagine Dialogue Program creates and sustains networks of young professionals across conflict lines committed to the peace building process. Together they are committed to positively transforming attitudes of their conflict-torn societies and laying base for lasting and sustainable […]

Street food culture in Yerevan and Baku (in Connecting the Disconnected)

Street food and its culture are closely linked to the urban culture. Along with a small number of fast food chains located in highly urbanized areas, both Baku and Yerevan offer a large number of small street food businesses.

The phenomenon of street food is often perceived very negatively among the citizens of both countries, […]

New Year Message from Imaginers! (video)

Spilling salts, itching hands, burning ears and more – common proverbs, superstition and beliefs in Armenia and Azerbaijan

By Lala Jumayeva, Anna Pogosyan

While attending one of the Armenian -Azerbaijani dialogue program in Georgia in 2010, we (that is Anna Pogosyan and Lala Jumayeva) decided to write about common sayings and superstitious beliefs that are used in everyday life both in Armenia and Azerbaijan. Actually we came up with this idea after a […]

Life type of non-existence

By Maria Karapetyan

“My mom promised me that I will get to ride the metro one day” or “We live in a hotel”- these and other statements alike I have been lately hearing from children, whose families can fortunately afford to provide for themselves and their kids. Amidst their busy schedules, some of these parents […]

Street children

By Narmin Noqte

There was a broken life, hidden in the shadows of fallen humanity, behind the high- rise buildings. There were dreams, wishes, and weakness in every sound of each step, of those torn apart shoes. There were tears ready to fall down any minute now from his eyes full of hope. His grief […]