Baku: No winter, no problems

By Narmin Noqte

This year’s winter in Baku was very severe. So our capital met it very intensely. I`ve heard from “Liberty” radio that, every day a minimum of 15-20 men would have some kind of an accident because of the icy roads. Just like me, Baku and its executive structures were too facing and […]

Winter’s Joys and Hardships in Yerevan

By Maria Karapetyan

Unlike in the previous few years, winter 2012 in Yerevan is frosty and the abundance of snow is cause for joy as well as concern. “Winter cleans up our city,” says Nane, 21-year-old student from Yerevan. The white coat of soft snow does really help to fight the dust in the atmosphere […]

Hospitality and food culture in Azerbaijan

by Lala Bayramli

Excited about the ingredients of a new box of chocolate or the rush of excitement when tasting some of the home made jam, I, most of the time was interrupted by my mom who always repeated: “Leave it for the guests!” As a result I (as […]

Food Culture and Spirit of Hospitality in Armenia

by Anna Poghosyan

Before talking about the “food culture” in Armenia, I think it’s very important to mention the warm hospitality of Armenian people and the custom of hosting guests. Perhaps it might even surprise and deeply affect you but this custom goes far back into our history. There is even a proverb that says: […]