A Story of a Samovar

by Maria Karapetyan

This story is a retelling of the memories of a refugee family from Baku based on an interview with Lusik – an Armenian woman of about 70. She kindly told the story of her and her husband’s families as well as the bits and pieces of the lives of the people surrounding […]

Emin Aslan – Child of War

by Narmin Noqte

This is from a series of interviews with refugees I have conducted. Today you are going to read war memories of a young man who differs with his original and cosmopolitan thoughts on war. His name is Emin Aslan. He is one of the intelligent activists and lawyers in Azerbaijan. He is […]

Arko Baghdasaryan – An Artist Caught in a Conflict

by Maria Karapetyan

Artist Arko (Arkadi) Baghdasaryan is a representative of the modernist school of art and one of the founders of abstract art in Armenia. He was born in 1945 in Baku. His father was born in Lyulasaz village of the Mardakert Region of Karabakh and his mother was from Tsmakahogh village. Arko spent […]