A “temporary” hero

By Arzu Geybullayeva

It was as if a bomb was dropped into the social networks. Both on Twitter and Facebook people were congratulating each other with the news. Ramil Safarov was back in Azerbaijan. And yes, you heard me right; I said congratulating because it was welcomed as great news and almost like a holiday […]

War Journalism vs. Peace Journalism between Azerbaijan and Armenia

By Bakhtiyar Aslanov

Generally, I would say today one of the main problems between Armenia and Azerbaijan is the gap of neutral and objective information on both of the parties. Therefore, before I go any further, I would like to start with the roles and the brief histories of “nationalist journalism” otherwise “war journalism” in […]

FIVE “ENEMIES” that I met in Bazaleti

By Sos Avetisyan

This summer was a summer of great discoveries… In June students and non-students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia gathered in lovely Bazaleti to play a game of being the other.

I deliberately didn’t reflect on the psychological game and training right after the seminar was over as it usually takes a longer […]