Saga on Hooray-Patriots and Cyber-Rambo’s

By Antiliberast

Beyond the mountains, above the clouds, there functioned the glorious internet. Many sorts of people inhabited it—users ordinaire, spammers extraordinaire, and bloggers mystique. The saga, however, is not about them, but rather about such technological phenomena as the inexplicable I’m-a-patriot-with-all-my-might-via-facebook type of faces and I’m-destroying-the-enemy-on-odnoklassniki-groups type of quasi-Rambo’s that have appeared in our […]

‘Black’ culture of Caucasus: individual choice or old-world tradition?

By Suel Rousseau and Sona Dilanyan

…any colour – so long as it’s black

Henry Ford.

Black! One may say that ‘black’ as a color is relatively popular and commonplace within many societies, but as a rule, every other culture has its own reasons to wear it: some prefer it because it goes with pretty […]

Empty-handed Witness

By Narmin Noqte

Nurlan Huseynov. He was born in Horadiz settlement of Fizuli region in 1987. In 1993, due to the occupation of the region, he had to leave his native home with his family. Currently Nurlan lives in Baku. He has graduated from the English language and Literature faculty of Azerbaijan University of Languages.


From Game of Thrones to the reality of a 20 year old conflict

by Arzu Geybullayeva

“Those boys didn’t kill your sons […] They were just boys, look at them”.

Generally, I abstain from quoting lines from movies, TV series, or songs. But sometimes, there are some lines that are worth quoting; sometimes they are even worth writing down somewhere, and reading them every day to remind ourselves […]

Another black garden

By Elshad Yusif

If there is still fighting in the twenty-first century, it is definitely not war. It is violence that governments have created, spending millions to change people’s minds. They invent conflicts to change the direction of popular opinion, to peddle their armies. And unfortunately, people believe in the authenticity of these conflicts and […]