Обычные истории – Ordinary Stories

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by Agharahim Poladov

Часть 1

Это было обычное воскресное утро, или необычное воскресное утро.. решать вам. Воскресенье само по себе не обычно потому, что не надо идти на работу. И даже если ты не работаешь, то воскресенье остается необычным по […]

The issue of the messenger and the message

It is always hard to listen to something that is not what we want to hear, be it the truth, a lie, a semi-lie, a semi-truth, etc. We crunch, smile, argue, turn the back to the speaker, argue, argue again, bring examples, cite stories (necessary condition of the citation is its pertinence to the category […]

Happy New Year from Rondine Citadel of Peace

by Maria Karapetyan

Every 8 minutes the train is arching over River Arno making a measure of our time. The same train that brought us here and will take us from here after a certain time. On the other side are the endless Tuscany fields with haystacks and grapevines that seem to be the setting […]

Changing Perceptions, Wishing for Peace

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by Afag Asgerova

I attended two trainings organized by the Imagine Center within the “Conflict Resolution and the Role of Social Media” project. After I […]