Peace messenger

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by Togrul Mamedov

Whether through ideology or psychology discussions carried out either by our parents, teachers or community, for a long time now we have come to think of an Armenian youth as an abnormal creature. As if they are […]

Обычные истории – Ordinary Stories

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by Agharahim Poladov

Часть 1

Это было обычное воскресное утро, или необычное воскресное утро.. решать вам. Воскресенье само по себе не обычно потому, что не надо идти на работу. И даже если ты не работаешь, то воскресенье остается необычным по […]

The issue of the messenger and the message

It is always hard to listen to something that is not what we want to hear, be it the truth, a lie, a semi-lie, a semi-truth, etc. We crunch, smile, argue, turn the back to the speaker, argue, argue again, bring examples, cite stories (necessary condition of the citation is its pertinence to the category […]

Happy New Year from Rondine Citadel of Peace

by Maria Karapetyan

Every 8 minutes the train is arching over River Arno making a measure of our time. The same train that brought us here and will take us from here after a certain time. On the other side are the endless Tuscany fields with haystacks and grapevines that seem to be the setting […]

Changing Perceptions, Wishing for Peace

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by Afag Asgerova

I attended two trainings organized by the Imagine Center within the “Conflict Resolution and the Role of Social Media” project. After I […]

Memories of a vacation

By Meline Sahakyan

Two years ago I was in Russia on my summer holidays. I was staying in the Jubga town that isn’t far from the beach of the Black Sea. Although few people live there, in summer you can find many tourists who come here from different countries to spend their holidays. You can […]

In the memory of all the children who died during the war…

By İlhamiz Quliyev

It was 1987, summer holidays. I was five years old then. My brother who just finished the third grade and my sister who completed her fifth year in school, were getting ready to go to a summer camp in Susha-Zarisl for a month. When my dad came home that evening he told […]

With Alice in Wonderland

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”

Frederick Nietzsche

By Sos Avetisyan

On October 30, students and youth from Armenia and Azerbaijan were invited to a skype conference and I took this chance to directly talk to fellows from Azerbaijan. Seated in a […]

The Armenian-Azerbaijani Fall School of Conflict Transformation

By Neutral Zone Editorial

On November 15-18, the Imagine Center, Imagine – Baku and On the Net NGO held the Fall School of Conflict Transformation in parallel in Tsakhkadzor, Armenia and Novkhani, Azerbaijan. Young Armenians and Azerbaijanis engaged in an interactive experience of personal and professional growth connecting with each other via social media. They […]

Moving forward

by Arzu Geybullayeva

Suddenly laughter breaks out on both ends of the line. I am savoring the moment. Its one of those special ones, when you don’t want it to end and in fact secretly hope that if only this is how it would always be – understanding, kindness, open-mindedness. Then snap! Back to the […]