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The greatest historical controversy of our times continues

by Phil Gamaghelyan

According to an unnamed source at the Russian Foreign Ministry, negotiations are underway to determine the final status of the Dolma. However, two key principles of culinary law are in conflict here. Right of food-determination of dolma eaters and status of dolma’s holistic integrity.

The parties to the conflict include Turkey, Armenia, […]

A call for peace in Karabakh – Призыв к миру в Карабахе

by The Neutral Zone

We, the undersigned citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia and other countries demand that the parties to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict stop the shooting and attacks on the Line of Contact and Armenian-Azerbaijani border immediately.

We demand that, as a sign of good will, either side stops shooting unilaterally and then asks the other […]

Условные границы безусловно влияют на мышление – Conditional borders are unconditionally influencing thinking

If you would like to read the English version of this post, please scroll down!

by Sergey Manukyan

Солдат, который стоял на посту, не спал уже вторые сутки. Все знали, что диверсанты с другой стороны нападают на посты. Был приказ никому не покидать своего поста и быть максимально внимательным. Была уже ночь, и в безграничной […]

Happy New Year from Rondine Citadel of Peace

by Maria Karapetyan

Every 8 minutes the train is arching over River Arno making a measure of our time. The same train that brought us here and will take us from here after a certain time. On the other side are the endless Tuscany fields with haystacks and grapevines that seem to be the setting […]

Changing Perceptions, Wishing for Peace

If you would like to read the Azerbaijani version of this post, please scroll down! The English version was edited from the original for the sake of relevance and length.

by Afag Asgerova

I attended two trainings organized by the Imagine Center within the “Conflict Resolution and the Role of Social Media” project. After I […]

Armenian and Azerbaijani Youth Talking About Conflicts

by The Neutral Zone

This July, the Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation together with On the Net NGO and Imagine – Baku held its training-seminars in conflict resolution and social media in Gyumri, Armenia and Guba, Azerbaijan. Young people from the two societies came together to learn and discuss theory of conflictology the roots, causes, […]

Armenian and Azerbaijani Youth Meet Online

by The Neutral Zone

On September 7 and 8, 2013, young people in Yerevan and Baku gathered for a training-seminar on conflict resolution and social media organized by the Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation together with On the Net NGO and Imagine – Baku. Simultaneously in both countries, the participants engaged in sessions discussing theory […]

Armenian, Azerbaijani experts offer recommendations for confidence building measures for the Nagorono-Karabakh conflict

by The Neutral Zone

After a joint discussion held on June 15-18 in Tbilisi within the framework of the “Breaking the Impasse” series, a group of Azerbaijani and Armenian experts from the region of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict produced a document that includes recommendations for international organizations and institutions, local governments, donors, and civil society. The […]

Azerbaijan’s own spring: protests, arrests, promises…

by Arzu Geybullayeva

It looks like revolutions and people’s frustrations aren’t just characteristic to the world of the Middle East. Not far from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya to name just a few, rests a country on the shores of the Caspian Sea. It is known to the most of the world that is familiar with wider […]