Saga on Hooray-Patriots and Cyber-Rambo’s

By Antiliberast

Beyond the mountains, above the clouds, there functioned the glorious internet. Many sorts of people inhabited it—users ordinaire, spammers extraordinaire, and bloggers mystique. The saga, however, is not about them, but rather about such technological phenomena as the inexplicable I’m-a-patriot-with-all-my-might-via-facebook type of faces and I’m-destroying-the-enemy-on-odnoklassniki-groups type of quasi-Rambo’s that have appeared in our digital world.

The first category lives in the subfacebookish zones and can survive under traffic of 256 mbps. They mainly feed on international law, documents, resolutions and nationalistic sentiments. They consider it their scared duty to inform all ignorant compatriots of their national rights and consider any peep against their dogmas a manifestation of treason against the nation.

The quasi-Rambo’s are more aggressive and online-hazardous. They feed on quasi-Rambo’s from the other side, odnoklassniki links, war-rhetoric, and photos of weapons and armaments. These are of greater vitality since they can survive under the humble traffic provided by cell phone connection. One of their pivotal distinctive features is the distorted knowledge of Russian and, as a rule, the lack of knowledge of any other foreign languages. They have a quality of multiplying by means of online mitosis. Specifically, the same quasi-Rambo can have multiple profiles: they can apply the cyber-chameleon super-pooper property taking up the name of the enemy. In this manner they amplify the panic in the enemy’s online zone.

Now serious… Don’t you have anything else to do? If you strive to be useful for your country, don’t avoid mandatory service in the army, become a teacher or a scientist. It is a cause of great irritation to hear some such individuals claim that in such a way they contribute to their country in greater ways. Cut it out! Not only are you wasting your time but also harming your country’s reputation by resembling the cyber-enemies of the other side.

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