The Love of a Siren

by Meline Sahakyan

There was a little land on earth surrounded by water. The people living there were happy and friendly. They were lovers of music and dance, of art and crafts. No money existed there. Each day they gathered together and sang beautiful songs. One of them was playing the violin, another the piano, and a lovely small boy accompanied them playing his guitar. The couples of lovers were dancing together giving each other small, nice kisses. The bonfire was burning on the shore giving light to the nocturnal darkness. In the ocean were seen the unforgettable sirens, who were singing their songs to the people and jumping from the water to the sky dancing with birds. Sirens were like girls, but they were amphibians and could live on the land as well as in the sea. Everyone was happy, everyone was hugging the others, everyone was singing; and it seemed they had no enemies, no problems, no anxiety.

They had no money. As a payment, they were hugging each other or giving a smile. They were mainly tillers. One scattered potatoes, the other carrots, another person was planting trees with different types of fruits that remained unseen by the people who had never been to Happy Water Land. An inhabitant, who had planted trees, but wanted to have potatoes, went to the person who had potatoes and gave him a hug. This nation had no army, as they were sure that the ocean would protect them from all the enemies, but they did not rely only on the ocean: each of them was ready to fight for his land, to give his life for his home, and protect his family. This land had his ministers of hugs and smiles, who made sure that happiness always stayed with them and never left this people.

One day an ambassador from the neighboring country came to this Happy Water Land and asked to see the president. Happy Water Land had a conflict with this country, as they had no respect towards their culture and traditions. This conflict was coming from the past. The ambassador had a letter from the head of his country – the president of Eurostan. Water in Eurostan wasn’t enough for the people, the thirst had stricken the country. The ambassador assured that they had a lot of money and they can pay for the water as much as Happy Water Land would decide to demand. The president said that in their country, there was no money and he didn’t need their money, but he didn’t mind giving them water, if he and their president would embrace each other as it was the tradition of their country.

The ambassador left and returned 2 days later saying that his president didn’t agree; he wanted to pay with money. The president was irritated. Why? Why didn’t they respect their rules? Is it better for them do die from thirst than to hug the people of his nation? Of course there was a historical past… There were times when these nations weren’t enemies, but it happened so, that the people of the Happy Water Land killed people for the nation of the Eurostan… with music. The nation of Eurostan couldn’t forget this and they hated music, dance, hugs and the culture of the other nation…

I was from Happy New Land. I wanted to hug the people from the other country, I loved them yet not knowing them. How to make them respect my country and my traditions? How to explain to them, that music, yes, once killed you, but it wasn’t our fault; it was because you didn’t manage to understand the magic of music, the power of music… it killed you, because you saw it only as something evil, not knowing that it heals… We went to negotiations not knowing their point of view, not knowing why they were thinking in that way. Yes, we know what they want, what they think, what they have, but we don’t take into account their feelings, and neither do they take account of ours. They didn’t want to understand what it meant to pay for something with a hug, why we loved music and dancing so much; they were scared of trying to live as we lived…

Sirens are considered creatures who enjoy hunting and killing the people. But nobody knows how they originated, why they began killing people, how this beautiful creatures are able to kill, what made them so cruel. Everything that was created on earth was beautiful and kind originally, and the conditions made them change. We must learn about those conditions, respect the feelings of each other, and understand each other’s desires.

There is a tale about a siren who fell in love with a human. She gave her voice, her liberty, her feet were aching when she was walking. But she danced with her aching feet, enjoying the presence of the prince who didn’t know that it was her, who saved his life, it was her, who was singing for him… She never received the love of her beloved… She let him live happily with another girl, she sacrificed her life to rescue him…

Armenia is the country who killed the predecessors’ of Azerbaijanis. Azerbaijanis killed Armenians and captured their lands. We are enemies.

The nation of Happy Water Land is happy, friendly, yet a dangerous nation, who kill with music… they are our enemies.

Sirens are dangerous and yet beautiful creatures who lure the mariners and strangle them… keep away from them.

But do you know? Even a siren is able to love.

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