Video Survey: What do you think the Azerbaijani/Armenian youth think of you?

By Sasun Khachatryan and Reshad Aliyev

This is a video survey by the Neutral Zone conducted in October 2010 simultaneously in Yerevan and Baku. We interviewed ten women and ten men from both sides in an attempt to find out what the Armenian and Azerbaijani youth think and know of each other or what they know about each other’s attitudes and culture. The maximum age of the respondents did not exceed 35. Most of the respondents were chosen randomly on the street and were asked three questions:

1. In your opinion what do the Azerbaijani/Armenian youth think of you?

2. What do you know about Armenian/Azerbaijani music?

3. What do you know about Azerbaijani/Armenian literature?

Overall, the youth displayed apparent negative attitudes towards the other side with a very small portion of the respondents speaking neutrally or positively.

Only a small number of the respondents knew something about each other’s literature and music with a few saying they didn’t know anything about it all together.

Video surveys above answer the first question addressed in Armenian and in Azerbaijani: What do you think the Azerbaijani/Armenian youth think of you. The video surveys answering the other two questions will be published in the next few weeks.

Survey in Armenia


Survey in Azerbaijan

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