You may say that I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one

By Veronika Aghajanyan

IMAGINE” Armenian-Azerbaijani Dialogue Programme 2011 in lovely Bakuriani, Georgia is over. It has been the fifth year since young people from the two countries gathered on a neutral territory to discuss the complexity of the relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia trying to find some ways for their improvement.

It was not the first time I participated in a programme involving young activists from the South Caucasus. But this time I could observe something in a way different.

I should probably just sketch a couple of things that would perfectly characterize “Imagine” as something absolutely special in my life.

Imagine is a project that:

 brought Azerbaijani and Armenian youth to talk face to face about their interpretation of the historical facts related to the conflict and relations between the two societies;

put all of us into a number of challenges to overcome during the negotiations (discussing history and the current political situation) and while cooperating (project planning, potential networking);

 included endlessly funny and creative “color games” competitions every day right after the passionate discussions so that by the end of the day I could hardly remember who exactly I was insistently arguing with during the morning sessions;

 encouraged me to be brave enough to talk to the participants about any concerns I had regarding my relations with them in order to avoid any insincerity between us;

 created an atmosphere for us sitting in the circle to share truly personal stories without fear to be misunderstood and without hesitation to look too sensitive or even fragile;

 was a 100% blast;

 proved that challenges and honesty lead to success;

 revealed that imagination should be healthy and pragmatic and then it’s extremely enjoyable;

 reminded that even if someone thinks we are just dreamers, yet we are not the only ones, and we are not alone!

I so much did not want the programme to end and at the same time I was looking forward to it in order to start the follow up as soon as possible!

Cheers to everyone who initiated and contributed to this programme!

Good luck with all of your follow up projects, Imaginers!

P.S.:I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will be as one…

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